Round Plastic Caps

As Europe’s market leader in dip molded products, round plastic caps are our absolute bestseller. Therefore, we stock them in various standard sizes. Our caps are suitable for many applications, but are commonly used for general protection and decoration. All our round plastic caps are produced at our own facility using the dip molding process, which results in a seamless product with a perfect fit.

Common applications of round plastic caps:

  • Plastic end caps that protect items against moisture and dust
  • Decoration of toys, tools, and handles
  • Shipping protectors for bolts, threaded rods, and cable harness connectors
  • Our round caps are made of flexible PVC and won’t tear under stress. The material that we use is always phthalate free and custom options like high or low temperature resistance are possible. Please contact us in case of specific needs.

    Round plastic hanger caps

    We also produce round plastic hanger caps. These caps are applied to the ends of broom handles, kitchen tools, sporting goods, and many more products. The tight fit of these caps ensures minimal slippage and the top of these caps have an opening for easy hanging and storage. Therefore, plastic hanger caps have many practical uses.

    Custom round plastic caps

    You can easily request a free sample of our standard round plastic caps, to see if the product fits your specific needs. If we don’t stock a product that fits your dimensions or other requirements, custom design and production is a possibility. We have all the facilities that are required for design, prototyping and the production of your custom plastic caps. Therefore we can supply you with a product of a different diameter, different length, different shape, or that is made of a custom material. Contact us with your specific needs and you will discover that the dip molding process is relatively inexpensive, even in small series.

    Contact LoVen for a quotation or free sample

    Please contact us with regards to your specific needs. We can provide you with a free sample of our round plastic caps in standard sizes and colors. We can also inform you with regards to custom options such as custom colors, custom shapes and sizes, custom materials, and finishing of your round plastic caps (such as printing, cutting, and making slots). Our customer service will always try to answer your questions as fast and as accurately as possible.